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Isaac Danna successfully refused to work for "The Man" since early 2016.  He helps entrepreneurs start, grow, and scale their businesses by implementing his strategic use of predictable, automated income-generating systems.  Whether it's selling Isaac's programs, physical products, or someone else's products entirely, he has created income streams in each area online.


In 2008, Isaac graduated from high-school with a trade in cabinet and millwork.  From 2006 to 2011, he worked his way up the corporate ladder and traveled the United States, building and setting up exhibits for trade shows.


He moved to New York City in late 2011 and began designing and building theatre sets for the American Academy of Dramatic Arts while he attended drama school for acting.


From 2013-2015, Isaac became a freelancer, building custom furniture, kitchens, and libraries during the day, and moonlighting as a movie producer.


In 2015, he designed, managed, and renovated bars in Brooklyn.  While he was working there, he became interested in online marketing and how to acquire higher-paying clients after struggling to raise funds to produce movies.


In 2016, Isaac quit his $50k salary job managing bars in Brooklyn and became a full-time online entrepreneur.


Currently, he travels the United States, helping people start, grow, and scale their businesses using his online marketing system.  After spending well over $30k testing, failing, learning, and trying again, he has found the most profitable way to design a business and sell their products and services to their ideal customers.

Isaac is constantly creating programs to help artists and creators make a living selling their artwork and ideas.  He's passionate about creating entrepreneurs.  That Podcast With Isaac Danna is designed to help motivate and inspire young adults who are interested in working from home.

His first book, "#StickWithMeKid - How To Build An Empire From Your Brother's Girlfriend's Mother's Basement," is published exclusively right here.


"I believe in building relationships that actually benefit both parties.  You can tell a lot about someone by knowing their strengths and weaknesses.  Time is valuable, so the faster you figure out whether or not you and your potential business partners or clients are an excellent fit, the better.  I like win-wins."

-Isaac Danna


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