"How To Build An Empire From your Brother's Girlfriend's Mother's Basement"

This book is written to motivate you when you're feeling down. It's based on my real-life experiences and the struggles I had to face to take control of my own life for the first time. Because I found happiness through entrepreneurship, I wanted to give you the most valuable lessons I've learned along the way. In hopes that you won't make the same mistakes. You'll learn a little bit about my childhood and what motivated me to keep building a future I'd be proud of. You'll learn how to create a business from your bedroom. You'll get to see the exact formula for how I was able to save $12,000 in just six months and so more. #StickWithMeKid will inspire you to embrace and create new experiences and opportunities. This book will give you permission to enjoy the process of creating a lifestyle that you're passionate about creating.

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